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Salaš Zvonko Bogdan

Nobody describes “Salaš” better than Mr. Zvonko Bogdan in his verses. Nearby to lake Ludaš, not so far from Subotica town, but isolated from everyday noise and rush, there lies homestead of Winery Zvonko Bogdan, popularly called Salaš.

Salaš represents museum of the past lifestyle in Vojvodina, while it is enriched with the Art and legacy of Mr Zvonko Bogdan.

Vineyard surrounded Salaš inspires many to forget everyday errands and stress, offers peacefulness and tranquility.

Food and wine selection, combined with romantic surrounding, is what leaves the strongest impression on guests: soup of Guinea fowl, meat roasted under the “peka”, and strudel with cherries, poppy seeds, pumpkin and walnuts.


Salaš Zvonko Bogdan is suitable for hosting:

  • Private celebrations,
  • Weddings,
  • Corporate events,
  • Luncheon,
  • Team building activities.



Romantic environment of the Salaš is the right place for all pleasure-seekers who want to indulge in the charms of the vineyards. The smell of local cuisine, the taste of top quality wine, the authentic ambience and the feeling of freedom are recipes for memories of an unforgettable event that your guests will recount for a long time.

The interior of the Salaš is filled with numerous objects and works of art that faithfully depict the past, while the building itself is surrounded by endless vineyards. The Salaš area is characterized by exceptional warmth and functionality.

The Following spaces are available:

  • Great hall for 180 guests,
  • Two club halls for 30 and 50 guests,
  • Atrium for 250 guests.

Culinary experience

We prepare dishes according to a traditional recipe, and in a traditional way. This way, we have preserved the fullness of taste that adorns our specialties. On our menu you can find homemade Guinea fowl soup, "peka" roasted dishes, "ražanj" roasted dishes, and the inevitable strudels with poppy seeds, cherries and walnuts.

The palette of flavors that adorns our dishes will delight even the most refined gastronomes, and we will do our best to take you back to a time that, as Mr. Zvonko Bogdan himself often says, "It will not happen again."